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Wifi intermittent but speed is fine


so firstly, I have virgin media hub 3, security WPA2-PSK (changed to remove the message on iOS that it’s unsecured network) 

on app, my speeds are always between 110-120mbps dl and 10-11mbps ul.
so, the speed is fine, however. 
all my devices, iPhone, PS5, laptop all just slow/gets stuck and I have to reset the device, or just leave network then rejoin to get the wifi working again, else it just won’t load  

however, if for instance my PS5 gets ‘stuck/slow’, my phone will still work, and vice verser  I also Always do a speed test when it gets stuck but it still provides the normal speed times  so the wifi signal isn’t being lost, it’s just completely dropping on a certain device (usually when the device has been on for 1-5 hours) until the devices wifi is reset  

I’ve tried all the obvious solutions, forgot network and reconnected, restarted all devices, restarted router  but problem still persists every day several times  

my phone is the most common problem, so an example would be loading a webpage, it won’t load any text or images until I turn wifi off, it’ll then load instantly on 4g  then I can switch back to wifi and it’ll work ok again  



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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Wifi intermittent but speed is fine

Best get yourself a better wireless router with 1Gb ports and use the hub in modem mode.

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