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WiFi dropping on both Home Hub and Mesh Router

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I'm having an odd problem with the wifi on my home network. I've been a Virgin Media customer for years, largely without any issues, and as a result I have a fairly old Home Hub 3 which has been acting as both modem and router. For the past few weeks, the Hub has been dropping connections and restarting fairly regularly throughout the day (although it does seem to improve in the evenings). However if I put the router into modem mode and connected via RJ45 cable, I got a stable connection, so I figured that there was something going wrong with the DHCP server/wifi on the Hub - fair enough, it's an aging piece of kit.

I bought an Eero 6+ mesh router system, partly to fix this issue and partly to up the wireless speeds from my 350MBps connection. However having set this up, I'm getting exactly the same issue. The Eero router now periodically drops connection and resets itself, while the Home Hub merrily motors along in modem mode without any visible issue.

I'm at a loss to explain what is going on here. It's almost as if a device on my network is causing an IP conflict, but even if we remove all of the devices bar one, we still encounter the issue. Has anyone come across this, or have any pointers?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi ozer85, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that the WiFi is dropping. 

Can you perform a reboot of the hub and test in both router mode and modem mode to see if anything changes. 

Would you be able to set up a BQM here and send us the graph. 

Kind regards, Chris.