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WiFi booster

Hello.  Hope it's OK for me to piggy back on this one (not sure of the 'rules'). I have similarish issues with Wifi and you may be able to help. 

Have Hub3 virgin box, based downstairs in a bungalow with rooms in the roof.  I have a couple of small Netgear Extenders, one downstairs and one upstairs. These do the wifi job OK for phones and laptops all around the house most of the time, but I really struggle trying to do VIDEO calls (mainly I use WhatsApp for those).

Quality of the video call somewhat depends on who's calling, but normally I can only get reasonable signal by sitting in the room near the Hub3.  There's just too much breakup if trying to use the Netgear extenders.

A while back (2-3 months?) Virgin sent me a pair of their Boosters (free). One is called the Wired Booster and one the WiFi Booster.   

I tried to see if these would help, either as well as or instead of the Netgear ones. Result was not conclusive so I took the Virgin ones out again.   Are these the same things that YOU recently got from Virgin, or is what you've got something newer and different?

With these boosters from Virgin they seemed to setup a new WiFi point called '1'.  I think that is their WiFi booster rather than their Wired booster; but it's not clear.  The signal on '1' seemed to be faster than on the Netgear Extenders, but area of coverage around the house didnt seem to be very good.

I have (a long time ago) run Cat5 cable upstairs from the Hub3, and connected the cable up there into an old 4-port Cat5 hub, into which I can connect laptops/desktops. That works fine. But the only Wifi upstairs is one of the Netgear Extenders.

Is the Tenda box you refer to a Mesh system?    

If so (or anyway?) does it suggest that I could get a Tenda (or equiv) and put it upstairs in place of my old 4-port hub, and then it (the Tenda or equiv) would provide a new source of 'original speed' WiFi?   In that case, being upstairs, I would expect its coverage to be better around the rest of the house than I get with the existing Netgear devices. My understanding is that WiFi beamed from above (ie upstairs) is better as it tends to avoid going through walls.

By the way, in my 'trial' with these Virgin Extenders I had both of them upstairs (ie not in same room as Hub3, which virgin 'guide' suggested...). I just connected the Wired Booster onto a Cat5 cable that was from the Hub3 downstairs to the work area upstairs.  It's an oldish property so walls probably thicker than modern place.

Sorry that's all a bit complex!

Any thoughts or help would be welcome.

many thanks

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: WiFi booster

Short and to the point version of the question?

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