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WiFi and Ethernet signal drop out

Joining in

Hi, I have issues with the internet dropping out for wi-fi connected devices and Ethernet cabled screens too at regular intervals. I'd say screen wise, at least once an hour. For wi-fi connected devices, I'd suggest two or three times a day based on today's latest experience. I did call the helpdesk several weeks back and the lady said she'd have one of the teams monitor for 24 hours. I heard nothing back🤐. When connection drops I go onto the main site to see if it is a problem. Which it never is. Moved from BT and a 60 odd mb speed which worked trouble free, to 250 mb of disappointment 😥. I have switched the hub on and off god knows how many times. Any suggestions or assistance with arranging an engineer's visit greatly appreciated 👍


On our wavelength

happening all the time to me. I just cant be bothered to ring it in as i've been around the VM support circus many times without any resolution when i was contracting my 1GB service. I'll just suck it up as i'm sure nothing will ever get resolved. Similar to my phone line issues which make the line useless as it becomes flooded with 'no-name' silent calls. I've just carefully noted the issues which surround VM and will never renew again. Sorted!

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Colin049, 

Thanks for your post, I am sorry you're having this issue with your connection recently. 

I have had a look at your services on my side and can see there is an area outage, which is regarding an SNR issue. This kind of fault manifests as intermittent connection over WIFI and Ethernet, which matches with what you've explained in your post.

This is due to be fixed  - 09 JUN 2023 09:00 - But please be aware this is just an estimate, it could change depending on what the engineers find. However, I am sure they will be working incredibly hard to get this fixed as soon as possible for you. 

I am sorry for any inconvenience or disruption this may be causing right now, we understand how frustrating this must be for you.