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WiFi/Hub keeps dropping....arrgh!

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Firstly this is more of a fed up, rant type post, so I apologize in advance.

I have  Voltz 1gb package with the latest Hub, but over the past week, the WiFi & Hub keep dropping out. I read something in the past about using the Virgin Connect app, but this is no good as it has to have a connection to the what's the point of being told to use an app that can't connect? Also when the WiFi is back on, the Connect app says it can't find my network, so what's going on?🤬

As said I'm supposed to have the 1gb connection, but lately I'm getting anything between 4gb & 30gb, which is way lower than I'm paying for, so how can I complain?

This has happened in the past but nowhere near as bad as now & I'm sick of having to keep resetting the hub & I'm also sick of having intermittent connections around my house, & sick of getting complaints off my kids about the connection dropping while they are online.

So can someone possibly tell me who in need to contact to possibly have the hub replaced & maybe get the WiFi boosters to help?



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Yes, thanks,  last evening all pods were showing great, this morning 1 great, 1 fair and i offline!!!!

Hey Dinger.

Thanks for getting back in touch, the pod that is offline may need a little tweaking, a minor reposition to sync and link up to the others and the Hub.

Let us know how you get on.


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currently all 3 are showing Offline, this happens on a regular basis, getting a bit fed up with it all.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply. 

Are all of the Pods powered up at the moment? If so, are there any lights showing on the devices? 

Also, have you tried relocating the Pod within the home or resetting the equipment?




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The Pods were all showing “Great” this morning, now 2 offline and 1 showing fair.   I’ve rebooted/reset the hub 3 many times. Don’t know what else to try.





Can you confirming if you have tried relocating the pods? @Dinger

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Yes, I’ve tried relocating the pods, tried every 3 pin socket in the house.   All were showing great around 1800 hrs , now two off line and 1 fair. At 2100 hrs

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I feel your pain. Mine has been doing exactly this for the last couple of weeks, on, off, on off for approx 3-4mins ata time. Its the broadband connection which causes the wifi to drop but as i use ethernet a lot i notice it immediately it goes down. Seems to be at random times, morning noon and a coupel of time during each evening. I'm assuming its over capacity issues and virgin are just 'housekeeping' to keep things afloat. Bit of a pain considering the cost .

Hi superloopy, thanks for posting on our help forums and this thread.

We're sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with your connection and this has been ongoing for a while, we'd love to try and help with that.

We've just checked and did not find any area related issues with the service to explain this, could you please let us know how things have  been since your last post on Monday and if you've seen an improvement?

Can we ask if the drop outs you've mentioned above happen on many devices or even all at the same time when this occurs?
Have you rebooted your hub recently to see if this helps clearing out these problems at all?

Lastly, to be able to best support you with this can you confirm if you use any pods or boosters / any 3rd party networking equipment?

Please, share more on the above with us and we're happy to assist you further.

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New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

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Im only using VM Supplied Hardware and have rebooted/reset my Hub 3 many times..  just getting completely fed up now.  VM doesnt seem to care.  Anyone recommend a better Hub please.