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WiFi Hotspots profile not installed

Tuning in

Can't get the app to connect to Hotspots.  It says WiFi profile not installed.  When I try to set it up it comes up with "something went wrong, there is no server response” it happens every time I try.  The old app used to work no problem


Hiya Braysoj,

Thanks for coming back to me with that update, I am glad it's resolved itself!




On our wavelength

Shall we start all over again android 13 pixel 6 pro never been able to get this to work 

On our wavelength

Same problem, android 13 pixel 6. This is ridiculous. Is there not some manual way of doing it?

Hi BriSuth1 & SJT776,

Thank you for your posts. 

We are still investigating this and currently have no update at this point in time. 

Please keep an eye on the forum for any future updates.


Like many others when  trying to use Virgin WiFi hotspots I just get an error 'profile not installed' I'm on Android 13, but the same happened when on Android 12, as yet since being with Virgin broadband I have not been able to use a hotspot

On our wavelength

What's even more disturbing and ironic, is the fact Virgin still advertise this as being a feature of Virgin Mobile, when it clearly isn't, and no disclaimer stating not available on certain Android phones, as far as I can see.  LINK


We are so sorry to all the customers effected by this issue but we can assure you that we are aware of the fault and are currently working to resolve this for everyone effected.


Thank you again.

There is only one way to resolve this issue. Scrap the app and publish a method to connect using standard android WiFi settings.

Google quite rightly recognised the ability of an app to change wifi settings was a potential security defect and disabled the ability to make change outside of the official android wifi settings app.

So the app can never be fixed. So why persist with "We are working on a resolution"?

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But this issue was first raised in this thread back on 15-02-2021.

We've already been waiting for 1 year, 9 months,

You've had almost 2 years already to fix this, yet you're still advertising it as a feature, that for a large number of users, simply doesn't exist.

Excuse me for not being totally convinced by your reply.

I agree mate we just keep getting fobed off all the time. It's not good enough.