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WiFi Hotspots profile not installed

Tuning in

Can't get the app to connect to Hotspots.  It says WiFi profile not installed.  When I try to set it up it comes up with "something went wrong, there is no server response” it happens every time I try.  The old app used to work no problem


I'm with o2 and I can't even install the profile from the connect app. 

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It makes me wonder why vm is not doing the same then.

It would avoid conflicts due to different generations of android used by its customers.

And it will let us enjoy this service.


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Oh my!

Trouble shooter

@Blakeich wrote:

I'm with o2 and I can't even install the profile from the connect app. 

O2 doesn't offer a WiFi app anymore, as they no longer work. You need to sign in as per the instructions on this website:

Note: this is only for O2 hotspots and won't help with VM. 

I think there must be some confusion lol we are talking about the virgin media hot spots as there is more VM hotspots then there is O2. 

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I am defensive talking about Virginmedia hotspots that one should connect to via the app called "virginmedia connect".

yeah thats what I'm talking about too.

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Please hurry up and fix this issue VM. 

It's a right pain to not be able to use the connect app when out and about.

Does anyone know why it's not compatible with Android 12?

Hi studio500,

Thank you for your post. We do appreciate your frustration with this. 

We are working to get this sorted as soon as possible. 


It's all well saying that. But what happens is you fix it and then a new version of android comes out and its broken again. There needs to be more focus on this service knowing that this is going to happen every time.