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Wi-Fi down for two days unable - told area fix had been completed still no internet.

On our wavelength

Hi- posted on Twitter asked to post on here. Internet and of course landline has been down for two days for me and my neighbours. An area fault you would expect. Not according to Virgin media so an engineer visit booked - knowing full well it would likely pointless- but that is where the system takes you - right.       
I keep checking the network status to see if Virgin decide it is an area fault and we can go down a different script. Joy - indeed it is a. Area fault now and better an engineer is on site with a fix expected by 1 am next day. Virgin cancel the tech visit. Text received at 19.50- fault fixed ID F010741086. But none of us have internet. Reboot etc no difference. Return to network status - no issues known. Rebooked tech.  Rang customer service - spoke to an agent in India who told me no area faults identified but ‘ it might come back by itself in a couple of days’. Very helpful. 
Thought I would try the Twitter route. Asked to post here.

Faults happen- I understand that but it is frustrating when the scripts do not allow any flexibility, make you follow pathways which you have already attempted, knowing that the fault is not one that can be fixed within my residence yet having to wait in for a tech on a Saturday morning when the issue likely in the local or area distribution box possibly caused by yesterdays road works in the street. I fear the tech will not be able to fix that. So more days with no service.m for about 6 of us at least. 


On our wavelength

Just had my August bill. No automatic compensation again. Have spent an hour an a half on Whatsapp with Virgin so far. Offered £5!!!!!! 6 days and a failed engineer visit where I waited in all day is about £88.. You really do not help yourselves.