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Why does it take 24 hrs to sort internet connection

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Since the call centre appears to be in another country the system seems to walk off their script. I am expecting to wait until tomorrow for re connection on the router. It would be more cost effective to have Uk call centres surely 


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Very Insightful Person

Depends on the severity of the fault.  It could take a day, it could take a week or longer.

You will get automatic compensation for loss of service over a given period.

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two key aspects:

1. The overseas call centre staff often do work based on a script, often making up "facts" that countless times could be proven to be not only contradictory, but downright hilariously absurd (technically or otherwise). My favourite was when somebody on another continent, in contradiction with a previously talked to agent, could "see the engineer leaving in my direction". Dear Lord.

Now if they do quote something real, then yes, as other comment mentions, it could take days or weeks. 

I am currently being given 13 Feb estimated time for a fix of some kind (?), whilst VM other checking system via phone line , about the same postcode and issue, states 9AM tomorrow. So one can have ZERO trust & confidence in the information, when even two ways of querying same information (via website and phone) gives two wildly different statements. 

2. The loss of service can be registered for, and then there is a daily compensation. However, this is for total loss of service. 

My internet has been running with 40-100% packet loss, with hours of somewhat better periods in-between. It is the VM connection, as the router data emphatically proves and so do the BQM graphs since last week. 

Admittedly, I registered for loss of service, you could try the same, but there is this caveat of whether it is "eligible" - now, VM gurus forgive me, but how would someone describe a minute by minute dropping internet connection as anything other than a total loss of service? As the few seconds in-between or at most minutes can hardly be used in any way for anything as an internet connection.