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Who is hating O2 signal - often troublesome

Joining in

my phone reception is utter rubbish since mick g over to O2 .. when I had EE dim the coverage was far more superior.  I am often left with no data on my phone now more than ever 

anyone else seeing the same? My daughter is also experiencing a reduced signal too


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @flapperkazza 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies you are having issues with the signals to your mobiles. Can I ask, have you been fully migrated to O2 as yet?

Please let us know. 


Yes fully migrated 

On our wavelength

Yes it's been crap for the last 12 months and getting worse.

I've had a company phone on o2 now for well over 10 years, this past year it's just getting worse and worse, no signal or constant dropped calls. I know many others on o2 getting exactly the same issue. My wifes on 3 and it's much better.

Thanks for coming back to us flapperkazza, have you reported your issues to the O2 team at all or checked for any issues via your online O2 account?

Kind Regards,