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WIFI pods and Hub 5

Fibre optic

Any news on if these are working ok together and when the non trial customers will be able to use them together or if VM are going to release different pods / wifi extenders?


And @MarcPartridge

Thanks for your comments and insights, I'll keep this in mind if I ever get to speak to anyone regarding my complaints.

You would think they would do these back end settings changes whilst the product is in transit.

It's actually a joke. Virgin have told me they've lost track of my Hub 5 but are still expecting me to return their Hub 3.

It's appalling customer service.

I really wish there was a way of getting through to the complaints team via phone. 

At this stage I'm contemplating going straight to the ombudsman with evidence of them just flat out ignoring my complaints.

My Hub 3 is clearly dead it reboots 10 times on a good day.




your welcome, just a quick update…

I tweeted @virginmedia to advise how absurd it was that I would need to wait up to 30 days for a resolution, they picked it up and tried to advise a reset using the pin holes on the pods (I sent them photos to show there were no reset pin holes on my pods) and they must have done something in the background to get it resolved as they advised me to leave them plugged in and it would be resolved within 24 hours, came home earlier tonight to see both pods connected to my hub 5 after leaving them plugged in.


Thanks for the update.

I was on the phone to retentions again this evening as my Hub is throwing errors etc. However they told me that the is a PP01 model and SPO1 model, with ethernet back haul for 1gig. 

So it would seem there are two models but the department that despatches them doesn't seem to know the difference. My old house mate got a SP01 which has two ports just the other day and he has a Hub 3.0

I've got a phone call in the morning to discuss a deadlock letter anyways so I'll see how that progresses.

Ill keep you updated.

Knows their stuff

So are the old WiFi 5 super pods (2 ethernet port pods) finally compatible with the hub 5 or not

You’re better off asking for a new wifi pod 2! It works well with superhub 5

Wow didnt even now they was out already, 

Is their still issues with the hub 5 or everything now been resolved as currently have the hub 4, and got the link to upgrade like last time but was declined due to having the pods on my account

For me, the hub 5 has been awesome since I had it! 

I have,

It's not happening, I'm not really getting anywhere. VM is just rehashing that I refused an engineer visit until everything that could be done remotely could be done.

The hub it's self is great, but the pods, although they work, everything is sloooowwwww through them.

Cheers guys


Hi there @AKW1989


I am so sorry to hear that you have faced an issue resolving your complaint. 


I would be happy to look into this with you via a PM so we can look into the complaint together. 


I will pop you a PM now so we can do so, please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of your screen alerting you to a new message. 


Thank you.

Vm are shocking at dealing with the complaints and the system is so messed up the majority get list in the system, or at least this is what retentions told me after my complaint went ignored and overlooked and still never resolved, I still have a wifi pod that won't connect to the hub 5