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WIFI pods and Hub 5

Fibre optic

Any news on if these are working ok together and when the non trial customers will be able to use them together or if VM are going to release different pods / wifi extenders?


I’ve been told exactly the same thing!! I’ve apparently got a wifi pod on order; a new one that will work with the hub 5

Oh I’ve had so many phone calls in order to get to this stage. I was told multiple times that the previous hub4 wifi pods were not supported by the hub5; and then after months of that; it changed last week and they were able to do something from their end to make them compatible.

On our wavelength


I have a wifi pod from before my upgrade to the hub5. Can this be re-used or do I need to get it replaced ?



I had an email today saying my complaint had been resolved and closed and it was good to chat with me earlier, nobody from Virgin contacted me today ?
Is there anybody here from Virgin who can help with this issue?
I'm clearly getting nowhere with complaints or customer services

@Lee110 I feel your pain had to raise a complaint today after the shambles of these pods and how little help the support teams are and the little knowledge the support team have on them.

I agree; the management an communication of the whole wifi pod compatibility with the hub 5 is disgraceful.

Hi bitsandpcs

Thanks for coming back to us. 

I am sorry for the delayed reply. I can see since posting you've spoke to the team and ordered another Pod. Do let us know how this one goes.


Forum Team

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Oh great,

So I've had to upgrade after a complaint, left on Hub 3 with 1gig and 3 pods trying to get WiFi to every room and the hub just kept dying.

Made me recontract to get the Hub 5, despite acknowledging I should have been giving it a recontract.

No mention of pods not being compatible. 

So my old pods won't work with new Hub, seems like tech team and retentions should know this.

I've had both the complaints I've raised about this closed with our any form of communication or acknowledgement of complaint.

So I've literally just got off the phone with an agent who is telling me that the pods are not compatible with Hub 5 and that I would need to wait up to 30 days for this to be resolved.

Read out what I've seen on the community so far about it and he hadn't a clue and just told me I had to wait, so is there actually anybody that can get this resolved with Virgin Media?

It’s poor that the agents haven’t been properly informed about this. 
After a complaint, weeks of phone calls with the same agent (him calling me back), and him logging and escalating IT tickets internally - their IT representative made one more suggestion to him whilst he was on the telephone to me. Some sort of configuration change was made by the web team, and my 3 wifi pods that had previously worked with my hub4, were then compatible with my hub5 within around 24-36hours.