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Virgin media connect app

Joining in

The virgin media connect app can't find my hub 3? The hub is installed and wifi is working fine.



VM Connect App

For the VM Connect app to work the phone needs to be connected to a Router mode Hub via WiFi and VPNs must be disabled ( i.e. all forms of Apple’s Private Browsing tools / NordVPN and the like must be off )

If you have reinstalled the VM Connect app and it still does not find the Hub, the VM back end systems are often the cause,  just try again in a few days.

Don’t reboot the Hub it is not the reason for the lack of connection.

Until the VM Connect app works manage the Hub at

.... And then when you see how much more you can do with the hub manager - you'll probably want to uninstall the Connect App..

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7