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Very confused

On our wavelength

So today I have spent 1.5 hours on the phone to get the upgrade I was promised in December from hub 4 to hub 5 


eventually they got me through to some one that could help but instead of sending out the equipment the only way they could do it is to send an engineer out to replace it which seems a waste to me especially as I work in IT and it’s not rocket science to replace the router 


anyway just checked my account and it say I have the appointment but it’s a remote upgrade appointment 


call me stupid but how can they replace a home hub without coming to my property ?? 



Trouble shooter

via Yodel

So why did they say on the phone it would be an engineer visit as I would be happier them just sending the equipment for me to change over 

Hi @Razor1979 👋,

Welcome back to our Community Forums and thanks for your post.

We do apologise for any confusion caused.  A technician would need to be booked in order to replace the hub.

I can see the visit has been arranged. 

If we can help with anything else, let us know.


Forum Team

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So new route installed and such a waste of a person coming out to install it was only here less than 2 minutes but low and behold virgin have now charged me £35 to activate it which they never communicated at the time of the call I was told it was completely free upgrade 

called up the guy I spoke to said they should have told me so I advised him to check the calls if he needed to but also said nothing he can do and has passed it to his manager who will hopefully call me back at some point (we will see I don’t have faith in this) to discuss and remove the charge 

I can’t be charged for something I have no knowledge of that’s just wrong if anyone here works for VM please can you look into this please as it’s getting to a point that after 10 years of price hikes etc it maybe time to look for another service provider 

Hi Razor1979 👋

Thanks for coming back and letting us know how the visit went. 

When changing the hub, there will be levels that are needed to be checked so even though the engineer was only there a few minutes, it was the correct action to take. 

In terms of the activation fee, this does apply to all hub upgrades. The only time this wouldn't apply is if the hub was being replaced due to a fault in which case it would be a like for like swap. 

This is something we can certainly check for you but in order to do that I will need to confirm some information with you to pass security. 

I have sent you a PM to allow us to do this with you in a private space. Just click on the little envelope at the top right-hand side of the page to access your inbox. 📩

Thanks for your patience whilst we get things sorted! We can return to this public thread again with another update when possible. All the best! 🌞