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Unpause hub 5

On our wavelength

I'm back.

I thought the VM connect app was working, it's not. I've paused a couple of devices and to unpause them I have to unpause, close the app reopen it and then unpause again, apart from three devices that won't unpause at all.


Trouble shooter

The Hub's menus have a similar feature to device pausing called MAC address filtering.

For our Hub 3 it would be Advanced settings  >>> Security >>> Mac filtering >> MAC filter list.

Does the Hub 5 have a similar option ?  If yes, can you see the paused devices on the list ?

On our wavelength

Thank you.

Yes I can see the devices paused but the app won't unpause them. I've rebooted the hub hard and soft with the button underneath.

The VM Connect app is broken - so forget that for the moment.

Can you login to the Hub's menus and see / delete the paused devices from the MAC filter list ?

On our wavelength

If only I knew how, I'd give it a try 

Login to the Hub at this address :

enter the Hub's menu password - the original Hub password is on a sticker ( might be on the bottom ).

( note the Hub's menu password is not the WiFi password )

From the menus look for Security >> MAC filtering ( words may differ a little on your hub )

Are your paused devices listed ?

On our wavelength

I've managed to unpause the devices via the VM connect app but to do so I have to start the app, click unpause the device, wait for a minute or so for the flywheel to spin a bit, close the app, reopen the app, click unpause again, the app then reports an error, refresh the app again and voilà, it's unpaused the device. Whether one can describe the app as 'working' using the described method, I'm not sure.

I suggest connect to the Hub and set  Wireless MAC filtering to Disabled and then forget about the idea of Pausing WIFi device, it is fraught with the danger that the VM Connect app will loose contact with the Hub and leave a critical device disconnected from the internet.

Also if an old fellow like me can in a blink evade  WiFi Pausing and MAC Filtering, it will take a school kid days to hours to have it cracked & bypassed.