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Unable to connect Virgin Connect App to Hub 3

Joining in

We desperately need pods to allow internet into study downstairs and an upstairs bedroom. Currently using 2 messy cables so that my student daughter and I have internet coverage in  these 2 locations (it shouldn't be like this in a basic terrace house!!). To get pods I apparently need to scan my house with the Virgin Connect app. However, I have tried numerous times over 2 months with this app but continually get error message "unable to access hub" (I have hub 3). Is this just a ploy to prevent having to provide pods? Why does the app not work?? There are many customers asking exactly the same is not good enough.....Virgin please respond!


Trouble shooter

Use this link to make sure that you mobile is not using a VPN of any kind.

Only an IPv4 IP should be shown (no IPv6) and the ISP must be : Virgin Media

Next look at post #4 in this thread :

Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Evening @Paulwinder12, thanks for your post and a very warm welcome to our Community Forums!

I'm terribly sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing with the Connect App when trying to perform scans, with the aim to order Wi-Fi pods.

Can you please confirm if the information offered by the links in @Client62's has helped resolve this request?

If this is still ongoing, can you please confirm if you've been able to run a speed test over Wi-Fi where the pod will need to be installed?

Kindest regards,


Thanks Client62,

I can confirm IPv6 not detected, and also that IPv4 is a numbered ISP (which shows as Virgin Media when asked to show complete details). I also cleared data/cache as instructed and followed advice on settings. 

However, it still gives me "unable to connect to hub" when I try to use the app.

Any other suggestions??


Thanks for coming back to us Paulwinder12, would you be able to try a pin hole reset of your hub and also remove and re-install the Connect App, hopefully this will refresh everything and enable you to connect the hub and connect app.

Kind Regards,