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Trying again to order my first Wifi Max pod

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I upgraded my package a few months ago and now have Volt benefits which include up to 3 Wifi pods if required.  soon after my package upgrade I made a couple of attempts through Customer Services to order my first pod but each time I was told to do it through the VM Connect app (where no such ordering option exists even after scanning in a room which results in Poor signal strength), or one time I thought I was getting close but the agent couldn't work out how to actually order one through their computer system, and eventually after 45 minutes of fruitless conversation and be putting on hold, I got disconnected.

Could somebody from VM please assist me with ordering my first pod please?


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Would love to have help too. Last time they manually added us one via private chat in the forum's here. But now I'm being told to use the all which doesn't work for me. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @goodmap 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

The Connect App will prompt you to order a Pod if one is needed, the fact it has not does suggest one isn't needed.

I am sorry to hear of any issues with your coverage however. 

The first thing we can see from the system check is the hub has been online for more than 7 weeks. Please do unplug the router, leave for two minutes and then plug it back in. This should help freshen things up.

You do need a tech visit though as your downstream power levels are too low.

I'll send you a PM now to book this technician visit in.

Forum Team

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