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Timecapsule trouble shooting with VM Hub + Mesh Network

On our wavelength

Basic setup is a VM Hub 5 and 3x Linksys Velop mesh network nodes. 

1. Let's cover the ethernet connections first:

VM hub ethernet port 1 is connected to 1x mesh node, the "parent" (and the 2x other nodes connected wirelessly as "child" nodes)
port 2 is connected to a Devolo powerline network plug which provides ok network in the outdoor shed
port 3 is connected to a Synology NAS

2. Now the wireless set up:

VM hub broadcasting the default SSID (VM6936)
Mesh nodes broadcasting custom SSID (Whistlestop)
Most of the devices across the house are connected to Whistlestop

3. And the challenge:

Synology NAS connected directly to VM Hub also acts as a file server and a Time Capsule. 
Unless the wireless devices are on the VM hub wifi (VM6936) they cannot see the NAS or connect to the Time Capsule. Soon as I switch to the Whistlestop SSID, I can see the NAS in Finder and TimeCapsule works.

This challenge is currently prohibiting me from switching off the VM hub wifi as without connecting to that hub wifi, I can't get TimeCapsule to work on my iMac/Macbook over wifi.

Appreciate any thoughts, ideas!!  




As a general rule do not put the mesh's router into bridge mode as these systems work best when its router is in router mode - meaning that you put the hub into modem mode.

Hub 5, TP-Link TL-SG108S 8-port gigabit switch, 360
My Broadband Ping - Roger's VM hub 5 broadband connection

Thanks - I put a call into Linksys support to ask them for help in setting up the port forwarding on the Velop nodes. 

They recommended to put the Velop part into bridge mode and leave the VM hub operating as router/modem. 

It was a simple change on the admin portal with their help - just now waiting to see if everything works as planned. I have a couple of other items planned if you are happy to comment? 

i) I'm going to connect a Velop router as a child node in the garden office via a CAT6 cable. I am planning to connect this CAT6 cable directly to the second port of the parent node (one port being used currently to connect to the VM hub) and then add it as a wired child. This seems the best way to extend the wifi network out to the office and also give me a couple of network ports to use for the laptop/TV.

ii) I have an Airport TimeCapsule in the garage currently connecting via a Devolo power line setup to the VM hub. This provides local wifi in the garage and a few network ports for the Apple TV/laptop/fitness stuff. The Devolo isn't great tbh and I was planning to connect another Cat6 to the VM Hub and wire that directly to the TimeCapsule (maybe I'll just use a network switch instead as the TimeCapsule might be overkill!).
-> question on this - would it be better to connect a switch to that second port of the VELOP mesh node and have CAT6 from the switch to both the garage and garden office? Or just run one CAT6 from the Velop node to the Velop router and the other directly from the VM hub?