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Superhub Frequent disconnects, NAT type 3 on PS4.

See title for two issues occurring over the last 2 weeks-

1) Frequent disconnects from WiFi 

2) NAT type change on PS4 from 2 to 3

last year I had a similar issue which required me to speak to customer services however they have been busy for the last 3 days.


since then I have had no issues until the last 2 weeks where I have been again getting frequent disconnects from the WiFi (every minute or so) plus my NAT type has changed from 2 back to 3 on PS4. I had changed no settings for these issues to arise.


i have tried re-adding the recommended ports for my PS4 but still no help.


any forum support members able to look at my previous interaction with support team and perform the same fix performed then?



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Re: Superhub Frequent disconnects, NAT type 3 on PS4.

Nat 1 is a connection straight to internet
Nat 2 is a connection through a router.
Nat 3 means there is something wrong with your connection. YOu have limited connectivity. 

If you are connecting at home then you can configure your router to open the ports so things work.

There's a way to fix it, and it's on the official PS forum.

or Try this web page

thats a ps3 site but i think they use the same ports with ps4

Using VIVID 350 Optical Fibre, Fun TV, Talk Weekends

Just another VM user trying to help out so my answers may be wrong.
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