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Superhub 3 unable to update settings

So I had to re install my laptop due to an SSD upgrade

When I tried to connect to the WIFI I couldn't. I correctly suspected the MAC filtering was the issue as when I logged in and disabled it hey presto connected straight away. But then I had an unknown device appear connected. I put the MAC filtering back on but the unknown device was still connected, I tried deleting it from the list no joy wouldn't go away. I tried the other way round and had just that device on the deny list but still the damn thing was connected. I rebooted the hub logged back in and success the unknown device is gone. So I thought ok now i'll go back to having just my devices on the allow list but every time I try and add one I get this stupid MAC address already in use error. I have now tried to disable MAC filtering but I keep getting this stupid message saying it's unable to update the settings try later

Any ideas ?


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Re: Superhub 3 unable to update settings

Hi mark_a_carpente,


Thanks for posting on the community.


Sorry to read you are having an issue with the Hub 3 settings.


On the MAC filtering does it supply the MAC address of the unknown device? If so, can you trace it back to one of your devices?


Have you tried a factory reset of the Hub to see if that helps?




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