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Rubbish upstairs

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Hi all…. Ok I’ve got a Hub4 in my living room and service doesn’t have a issue, I have 3 pods yet I still get terrible service upstairs, we only have a 3 bed semi so it’s not like it’s a mansion …. Has anyone got any ideas of how to get a better service?  

one of the things I’ve been thinking is to literally link every pod via a cat8 cable, is it possible to do that and would each pod give off high MB service from each one? 

any advice or ideas on what I can do coz it costs a lot to have internet pretty much in one room lol 


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WiFi Pod placement is critical to getting good results.

The pods need to be placed between the Hub and the location where better coverage is required.

To locate a WiFi Pod in a bedroom say 1 meter away from a Playstation or TV and to expect that to work well is a very common mistake.

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Very Insightful Person

"The pods need to be placed between the Hub and the location where better coverage is required."
This is critical is you do not connect the pods to an Ethernet cable. With Ethernet cable they can be in the same location as the target. If you use Ethernet then it’s a total waste of money to use Cat8, Cat6 or 6a is all you need and wiring the pods in is the very best option. If you do wire the pods in then you have the option in the future of replacing them with a real wireless access point.

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thanks for the reply’s…


the problem I have is the hub is in the living room, the next nearest socket towards the upstairs is the landing or in a cupboard, is there an app or something that I can use to use to maximise the pods best places….



on the wired idea, your saying it’s a good idea to wire them up but any cable will do doesn’t have to be the best? How would I go about wiring the house up so I could put wireless access points around the house each wired from under the floor etc