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Regular connection problems


For the past few weeks, we've had frequent problems with broadband.  When running a ping test, there has been regular packet loss.  Yet when using Virgin Media's broadband checker a problem is never found (even whilst observing a significant amount of ping drops whilst it's running).  I've left constant pings running from my PC and also used an external ping checker too.

From a recent ping test against

Packets: Sent = 271, Received = 243, Lost = 28 (10% loss)

At first, I thought it was my Asus router, so I switched the Virgin Media cable modem out of modem-only mode and experienced the same problems (in fact the above is from whilst using the Virgin Media Super Hub as my router - it's the original Super Hub).

I'm going to (finally) call up tomorrow, but wondered if anyone on the forum has any thoughts about the cause of the problem.

I haven't been connected for long, but here are the stats from Network Status:

Downstream ChannelsLock Status Channel ID Frequency Modulation Rx Power SNR Pre RS Errors Post RS Errors
Locked1139000000 HzQAM256-4.6 dBmV38.6 dB18081361484
Locked2147000000 HzQAM256-4.8 dBmV38.9 dB16409151472
Locked3155000000 HzQAM256-5.9 dBmV38.6 dB293230154749
Locked4163000000 HzQAM256-5.8 dBmV38.6 dB358226215133
Locked5171000000 HzQAM256-3.2 dBmV39.0 dB17499155383
Locked6179000000 HzQAM256-3.7 dBmV38.6 dB12760031433
Locked7187000000 HzQAM256-4.5 dBmV38.6 dB12820331362
Locked8195000000 HzQAM256-4.9 dBmV38.5 dB13378135661


Upstream ChannelsLock Status Channel ID Frequency Modulation Tx Power Mode Channel Bandwidth Symbol Rate
Locked532600000 HzATDMA50.8 dBmV64QAM640000030720 Kbits/sec
Locked253700000 HzATDMA50.8 dBmV64QAM640000030720 Kbits/sec
Locked439400000 HzATDMA50.8 dBmV64QAM640000030720 Kbits/sec
Locked346200000 HzATDMA50.8 dBmV64QAM640000030720 Kbits/sec
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Re: Regular connection problems

Stats are bad, downstream are just in spec, must be higher than -6 and upstream are too high, must be 50 or lower. You need a technician to correct. Call customer services and report the fault. 

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Re: Constant connection problems

Hi RyanM,


Sorry to hear you are having issues with your connection.


I would like to invite you into a private chat so I can look into this for you, I will send you an invite, please click on the purple envelope to accept.


Many thanks





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