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Re: Slow speeds on Gig1

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So we upgraded to Gig1 recently and they sent us a hub4, we installed that where our old hub3 was and switched it to modem mode as we use an Asus Ac2900 as the router (I think, it may be a different model but cannot check at the time of writing this), with a couple more of those around the house to improve our terrible WiFi connectivity. Changing the hub3 out was a pain as they hadn't activated our new hub4, but once that was done and an hour had passed we had stable Internet again. However now we are getting significantly less download speeds than what we should be, the highest being somewhere between 300-350mbps and lows of 100mbps on a wired connection. There's usually multiple devices connected to the WiFi with two hard wired computers regularly using the Internet, but that was never an issue on our old package. I'm just wondering if we have done something wrong during the setup, or if Virgin is screwing us. I wasn't the one who installed all of our devices around the house and dont really have the ability to ask them about it, so I figured I'd ask here. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if there's any other information needed let me know.


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Getting is a loaded phrase that implies limitation and very often the wrong view point for high speed internet connections.

With a Gig 1 connection it is frequently the kit that is not drawing data any faster.

Boot a computer into Safe Mode + Networking and then run a speed test over a network cable, does it improve significantly ?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello limnakhau


Sorry to hear of the speed issues since upgrading to 1 Gig via the Hub 4, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


It's been a couple of days since your post, we've tried to locate your account but have been unable to do so, are you still experiencing the speed issues? Have you ran further speed tests both wired and wireless?