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Promised hub upgrade and same hub 3 just received!

On our wavelength

As the title says, I telephoned yesterday, spoke to customer service who promised hub upgrade and whilst it was delivered very quickly, it’s the same hub 3 I already have!!

Had an engineer out today to resolve ongoing tv/wifi issues - he replaced our main box, left the same mini in the other room and left.

Then this hub 3 arrives when I was told I’d be getting an upgraded hub.

How is this incompetence even possible? - why would I even want a replacement which is the same crappy hub 3 with yet another crappy hub 3!


Thanks Dave, 

Regarding the white coax, when we initially had our install, I personally had all the carpets up so I could route the cable out of sight and not pinned to skirting boards - this was done by myself (and I’m a very competent person who has worked in various trades over the years, including a good understanding of routing mains electric cables etc) and I am confident that no cables were pinched, nailed through or likewise - the use of some white cable clips was used in places, but no pressure or kinks applied at all for sure as I’m aware of the delicate nature of such cabling. The white coax was run a short distance from entering the property to the hub, all done around the edge of the room under the carpet where nothing was going to put pressure on it. The mini box in the kitchen was done without any routing of the cable - straight through the wall, no kinks directly to the box and that exhibits the same issues.

We just had our main 360 replaced, I will check the connections there and in the outside boxes but I have been constantly getting the CS9994 error message for as long as I can remember - not a random error, very very frequently. The CS2004 popped up this morning and after an hour seemed to rectify itself.

My iphone camera roll is littered with pics of various error codes, screenshots of “there’s a problem” etc - surely this should not be a regular occurrence on practically a day to day basis?

Dialled in

just wondering if you're using the new hub 3 that showed up.

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig1 (XGSPON)

No, I haven’t used the incorrect hub they sent me - no point.