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Promised hub upgrade and same hub 3 just received!

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As the title says, I telephoned yesterday, spoke to customer service who promised hub upgrade and whilst it was delivered very quickly, it’s the same hub 3 I already have!!

Had an engineer out today to resolve ongoing tv/wifi issues - he replaced our main box, left the same mini in the other room and left.

Then this hub 3 arrives when I was told I’d be getting an upgraded hub.

How is this incompetence even possible? - why would I even want a replacement which is the same crappy hub 3 with yet another crappy hub 3!


On our wavelength

Does anyone from VM read these boards?

Hi steviejones133, 

Thanks for taking the time to post in the Community. We're sorry to hear you're having an issue with getting an upgrade. 

We do read the posts here but it can take us a few days to reach your initial post. Any replies you add can delay things so going forward, wait a minimum of 3 days before trying to bump your thread. 

When the teams order a replacement hub, it would be a like for like unless the service you have means we need to provide a new hub, such as if you upgrade your speed and the hub you have isn't capable of providing the new speed. 

If you want to upgrade the hub, you can upgrade to a Hub 4 but there would be additional fees for activation/installation. As this is classed as a change in service, we're not able to do this via the Community. You would need to speak to the team on 150 / 0345 454 1111 for them to do the change of service for you. At the same time, they can check the package you're on is the best for you too. 

Keep us posted on how things go. 


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Thanks for replying but it’s not helpful. I am absolutely SICK & TIRED of chasing this issue. After being PROMISED a FREE upgrade to a hub 4 on Friday 21st April via MY call to VM to report wifi issues AND tv issues. On that call, the agent promised an upgrade to a hub 4 and also booked an engineer to replace our main tv box. Engineer arrived the next day and replaced the tv box and later that day a hub 3 was delivered instead of the PROMISED hub 4.


I telephoned Monday to try and rectify this error to no avail and a complaint was raised and I was told a manager would phone me back in 24-48 hours. Guess what……NO CALL!


I have spent the last 3-4 days constantly phoning VM to chase this complaint, each time I do, I get passed around various departments & staff who have no idea what they’re doing and eventually they cut me off and I have to start all over again…..I must have spent more than 8 hours on the phone with still no resolution OR the hub 4 that was PROMISED FOR FREE.


It has been plastered all over the internet that VM have in the past upgraded people on a hub 3 with a hub 4 at no additional costs or fees so why is this proving to be such an issue? (See link & pic below)



I have M350 Volt, multi room tv subscription, anytime call package and Netflix so I pay a fair amount for VM services and I’m absolutely astonished at how I’ve been treated after being told I would be eligible for this free hub 4 upgrade, it’s quite frankly disgraceful and if it isn’t resolved speedily, I feel I will have no other choice to cancel all my VM subscriptions.


My complaint has been handled abysmally and with any concern over my issues - I’m certain a very unhappy and extremely annoyed customer. I have in the past used this forum to address issues with a good result AND have a VM forum staff member make changes to my account at a service level (John_GS) who changed our tv package easily, so I don’t see why you can’t arrange delivery of the correct hub that was promised…….

Hi steviejones133,

So I can ensure you've had a complaint raised regarding this, I've popped you over a private message (envelope, top right hand corner) to get a few more details.


Thank you Alex.

As for updating my thread, I thought I would do so to keep a record of everything and because of the web of lies and deceit I have endured regarding this fiasco.

Prior to me telephoning VM on Friday 21st April I had been suffering ongoing issues with both internet and television - not being able to watch recordings, stream programmes, countless error messages on main tv box “not connected to internet”, buffering, box saying “slow internet connection”, wifi speed tests sometimes in single figures downstream…..the list goes on. Fed up of having to turn all my equipment off and on virtually every night to resolve, and not always successfully either, I decided to finally end the suffering and phone about these issues.

The agent I spoke to ran a barrage of test from his end, could see there was an issue with the main tv box and arranged an engineer to visit next day to replace it. He also could see my wifi problems and arranged a £100 bill credit under the wifi guarantee. He also agreed that because of these issues, he would arrange a FREE upgrade to a Hub 4.

Saturday 22nd came and engineer did turn up, replaced tv main box and after he had gone, later that day a parcel arrived with a Hub 3 inside - not the Hub 4 as promised.

Now the lies and deceit start - after phoning to complain about the wrong hub, I was told that a complaint had been raised and that I would get a manager callback within 24-48hrs - I waited and waited……no call.

So I start then phoning every day to get any update on my complaint, each time I spoke to an agent, they told me that someone was looking at my complaint and would be in touch shortly, either that or I’ve been passed around from pillar to post, department to department before getting annoyingly disconnected every time….

Now, it comes to light that NO COMPLAINT was ever raised in the first place! - how can someone at VM have been looking at a complaint that never even existed!! - lies, lies and more lies…..

To say I’m sick and tired and disgusted is severely underestimating things - it’s shockingly bad service.

I am sick and tired of going through diagnostics, wasting my time, wasting my energy on chasing something which should be very simple to resolve - FOR VM TO KEEP & HONOUR THE PROMISE MADE AND NOT MESS ME AROUND ANY FURTHER.

From the article I linked to earlier, it is CLEAR that other customers have benefited from “FREE UPGRADES TO A HUB 4 FROM A HUB 3” so it’s not a question of my current fibre spread as these upgrades were not limited to customers on only GIG1 speeds but offered to customers on lower speeds such as myself on M350 Volt.

So, to me it is apparent that this is something that CAN be done - it’s simply a case of VM actually following through with what was promised - hardly rocket science is it?


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And the VM fun continues - taken just a short while ago. Brilliant service eh? - new main tv box but dodgy hub 3 results in this - the hub is only about 4m away from the tv for gods sake…..


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And even more torture tonight. Had to reboot hub and tv just to get it working again…..



On our wavelength

Yet another glorious night of virgin tv and internet, and now have been told that I can’t get a hub 4 to try an improve things because I’m not on the Gig1 package…….so, in essence, VM want me to pay more to resolve their own issues. I think it’s back to Sky for me - at least I never had any issues with their service, VM totally suck at customer service and technical issue resolving……”sorry sir, we can’t give you the bit of kit you need to enjoy a decent service from us without paying us more money for equipment that might actually work”

Tonights viewing so far - pics


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And yet more issues…..absolutely ZERO channels available to view earlier today. Another reboot of everything didn’t fix it……this is seriously getting beyond being funny and the best part is that VM continue to deny a hub 4 which could potentially resolve these issues.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @steviejones133 

The majority of the error codes relate to your internet connection, however the latest one you posted with the picture showing error CS2004 relates to your cabling and is displayed when the 360 box has poor or no signals present.  Check that co-axial cable is securely connected to both the hub and the 360 box .

If there is a problem with the coaxial cabling then this can also affect the internet connection.

Have you run a check on your cabling and connections following the instructions on the following page?


Make sure the white coaxial is free from kinks, if it's attached/pinned  to the skirting board then make sure there are no staples etc in the wiring, also that nothing is placed on it. I would also check the wiring in the omnibox on the outside of your property.

A couple of your images (IMG_2359 and IMG_2360) showing error code CS9994 suggest they were taken when there was an external VM server issue which wasn't pushing the internet from the server to your premises hence it wasn't reaching the hub.  The two pictures show a blue dot instead of a green tick inside a green circle. That diagnostic screen has a lower section and if you had scrolled down it would probably have shown that either or both of the IPv4 address and DHCP servers weren't available. I would have expected you to have no internet at all  at that time, even if it was just for a minute or two. 

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