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Progress on DHCP accessibility on Superhub 3?

I have only recently been introduced to the delights of the Superhub3 dhcp page. It is truly terrible to use. I saw it once about 30 minutes ago, after waiting 20 minutes for it to appear, when I made 1 DHCP reservation. I haven't seen it since.

I read other posts from April time this year bemoaning the spectacularly poor performance of the DHCP process and suggesting that the hub be set in "modem mode" and a supplementary router used to fulfill the network requirements. As a pensioner I find the extra expense unwelcome and hard to swallow given that Virgin Media swallows £59 a month already.

Does anyone have a suggestion about reducing the time it takes to access the DHCP setting page? Does Virgin Media have any plans to improve the operation of the Superhub 3 (a misnomer if ever there was!)?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Progress on DHCP accessibility on Superhub 3?

VM will take their time fixing bug that they don't support so its unlikely to be fixed any time soon as why would any one need DHCP reservation when DHCP is simple.

You can set your devices with static LAN IP's like

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Re: Progress on DHCP accessibility on Superhub 3?

Your problem doesn't sound like DHCP accessibility but rather something else that's wrong.

I can't say I have ever seen a website/server that would let a non-connecting connection linger for 20 minutes.  The UI does become unresponsive at times - usually when the unit is under high load, after a restart, or when your signal levels are bad.

Thinking back on it, when  you change this setting it sometimes causes a disconnect (I think that's because it unloads and reloads modules).

Also when you set a reservation don't change the IP it list in the table, it doesn't like this (nor do many other routers).  If you need a different IP than the one that was originally given out via DHCP then you'll probably need to change it on your device before the hub.

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