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Poor speed and coverage

Joining in

I got Virgin Media installed on Tuesday but ever since it's really poor and nothing close to what I thought I was paying for.  I've paid for a 362mbps package but so far have been lucky if speed tests get 40 even in the same room as the hub.  In addition, we have a TV in our bedroom upstairs to use streaming services, but so far this has been unusable.  We've just moved from 10mbps Internet with BT and that used to be able to run online gaming downstairs and stream Netflix upstairs without a problem. But apparently that's not possible on Internet that should be 36 times faster! 

I've downloaded the connect app (about 30 tomes before it would work as well) and that's telling me I'm getting poor speeds and blackspots but offers no solutions of merit. 


Trouble shooter

What speed does the connect app show to the Hub ?

With BT internet did you use a WiFi extenders of any type ?

The hub speed is showing at around the 362mbps speed but the WiFi speed is a lot lower. As it is when I run speed tests in other apps on my phone. 

We didn't use any WiFi extenders with our BT setup. 

The TV in our bedroom can stream if you put it on in the morning but not at all in the evening. 

Hi RoverJ, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the connection, we do speed tests directly to the hub. 

Can you download the connect app and scan for blackspots as it should allow you to order the WiFi pods.