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Order WiFi pods

Tuning in


WiFi doesn't reach most of my house, I'm now a Volt customer so should be able to get the WiFi pods free. Can someone help me order them?

The page says they are out of stock, but can see people are getting them in other posts on here


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi again @milkgiraffe 🙂

Thanks for your PM.

Sorry to hear the Connect App is still showing poor signal. 

Appreciate you have requested a 2nd WiFi Pod but as it's only been a few days since you installed the Pod, you might need to try it in a few places to see where it will give you the best WiFi coverage throughout your home. Once you’ve found it, leave it be. 

We also have some tips here that may help - How to improve WiFi

If you still have problems, let us know so we can review things further. 






Forum Team

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VM will only allow you to order 1 every seven days to the maximum of 3 pods, When checking speed etc from the pod remember to disconnect your wifi on your device and the then reconnect, try this first standing over the pod, then move further away and see what happens.

Hi Ayisha, I’ve tried it in a few places now with no success unfortunately. Does seem that one more should cover everywhere, is it possible to order now?

Hi @milkgiraffe sorry to hear you've had no success with the one wifi pod.

With this in mind, I'll send you a PM to arrange ordering a second one which should hopefully resolve things for you.

Please expect a PM to arrive shortly and respond directly when you can! 


How can I order a wifi pod?

Tried the chat function but the wait is so long..... Struggling to get wifi into most rooms tbh


Hi RegM,

Thank you for your post and sorry you are having issues with ordering a pod.

Would this be an additional pod as I can see from your previous thread here we PM'd to get one out to you?

If you are having WiFi issues we can do our best to help. I can see from our systems you have not rebooted in a while if you could to this and monitor your connections to see if it helps 🙂



Yes it's in addition. I've been moving the one I've got to different locations, which improves things in that localised zone but creates dead spots elsewhere. 

Good point about the reboot, I'll give that a go first and report back. 👍

Still getting nowhere fast, trying to get coverage in upstairs rooms with just one pod. It's either weak or drops out.

The app doesn't talk to the hub, I've rebooted both and think there's dropouts going on, even close to the router. Is there a way of doing a line test without the app which is next to useless?

How are you testing this? If you are testing with ie a phone disconnect the phone from your wifi then go and stand near the pod and reconnect your phone to the network and test again and see what the coverage is like. Same with other equipment turn them off and let them reconnect to either the pod or hub they should connect to the strong signal.

Tried everything including standing on my head.

The app doesn't recognise the hub. So testing coverage using the app is no good. I've moved the pod round a lot of rooms and waited 24hrs each time etc. Same result.... Unless I'm sitting next to the hub (out in the open) the service dips. Even the best service from the pod has been at half the speed of the hub, and moving just a metre or so away drops to 10% speed and regularly drops out.

I'm out of contract in a couple of months and have resigned to Virgin being a bad experiment!