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Not notified about end of contract and trying to charge me £40 for a free hub upgrade

Joining in

So every yeah i check my bills every year in january and february and noticed my bill for 152mb was £47 which i though was crazy .

I called up virgin who explained i was out of contract ( for which i was not notified about )
And the best deal they could offer me was £47 for 250mb which was shocking when i saw that i could get the winter deal for £27 a month  for 350mb a month . They sent me the pre contract documents wfor the deal but there was a one of payment of £40  ( which the gentleman on the phone lied it wouldnt have initialy  )  which he explained is the cost of the upgrade .  I explained that im an existing customer and that upgrading my older hub to a hub 3 is free on your website  but they won't remove the charge or they try and change my offer to compensate and i refuse to pay for it because it say on the virgin website that hub upgrade are free and its illegal to charge me for something your advertising as free


Alessandro Volta

Phone up and cancel (or even do it by post).  Within a few days they'll start ringing you to offer you better deals than you'd get when you call them - pretty much new customer pricing if you do it right.  My ideas on how to deal with retentions calls here, if cancelling and hoping for an outbound retentions call then the same advice applies as if you're calling them.