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No internet

As of Monday the line from the outside virgin box on my house that goes into my home office is no longer working. We have both a internet wire and multi room box in this room the tv box is fine but no internet as of Monday 

I rang yesterday twice the first customer service agent had to be the most unhelpful person during such a difficult time didn’t provide any solutions wasted mine and his time and quite frankly had no clue about troubleshooting. Also told me to go login to my account online and someone from web chat would help, I couldn’t get on the web chat and agent was incredibly rude and wanted to leave the call as he wasn’t able to provide a solution 

The second customer service agent a lot more helpful was at least trying to provide a resolution to my issue asked me to logon to virgin media connect and purchase the plugs although I stressed to him the wire into that room is completely dead when trying to plug it direct into a device it has nothing to do with the WiFi range from the hub. Did the scan on virgin media connect got an error when trying to order the plugs and he also said if I can’t order the plugs I can schedule an engineer which there wasn’t a option for on virgin media connect app like he said there would be

I have spent a total of 5hours plus trying to get through to you and on the phone but I’m back to square one and all I’ve been told now from your team on Twitter is post on the forum and I will be contacted ASAP. I’m waiting .....

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: No internet

Forum rep response times are 5-10 days here.

What are the lights on the hub doing?

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