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No Wi-Fi in TA9

Joining in

It went down at 3AM and hasn’t come back up. I was on live chat around 9 and was told an engineer would visit Tuesday morning. I had a text this afternoon saying Wednesday afternoon. 
I can not get an answer as to why just somebody reading a script at me. 
I had to take today as holiday as I work from home. I can’t take tomorrow and Wednesday too. To top it off I have sky glass so can’t watch tv and can’t override my heating to turn it on so i have cold grumpy kids and I’m wasting holiday. 

any updates if this is a fault in the area?


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Check for local faults on 0800 561 0061 

Thanks. There is. Why couldn’t they tell me that on live chat?

Hi Sneaker52, 

Thanks for your post and apologies to hear your internet connection when down at the beginning of the week. When reporting an issue, the first thing we look at is if there is any area faults raised. As you were offered an engineer visit, this would mean the Networks team hadn't picked up that there was an area fault at that time. 

The team did the best thing at the time which was to book an engineer as they were unable to remotely fix things. Once an area fault is raised, any engineer appointments are cancelled and the Service Status page and number are updated to reflect this. 

The hub is now showing as online and the area fault has cleared. Can you confirm if you're still having an issue?

Keep us posted. 


Forum Team

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