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New VM Member, Broadband wifi signals very weak?

Joining in

Hi all

We officially had our M250 264MbpsVM broadband package installed today, after ending our contract with talktalk.

The router (hub 3) was placed exactly where the previous talktalk router was.

Location: 1st floor office room.

Issue: the signal is very weak on the ground floor where the living room is, TV, laptop etc struggle to pick up great signal.

Never had this issue before, I was wondering if it is because it's the 1st day and need needs time? What could I do?




Knows their stuff

Might be. However the hubs' wifi is generally pretty weak. 

Direct ethernet cable connections are always fastest. 

VM offer an Intelligent WiFi service.

Lastly lots of old hands on this forum put the hub in modem mode and connect it by ethernet to their own better router. 


I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).


We also have a Hub 3 in Router mode, the following Hub 3 menus settings improved the stability of the WiFi

Wireless Security


Thank you for that, I will most certainly try those settings out 


If you still need more coverage look to the WiFi Repeaters and Mesh solutions available in retail.
On the M250 package VM's WiFi Pods cost £8 per month each to rent.
For a product that you don't own and can't reconfigure that is very poor value.


That's exactly how I had my setup before talktalk, bridge mode, with ubiquity, however then I changed over to talktalk whos router was not able to be put into modem only mode, the signal was pretty good.

Which then pushed me to sell all my set up and stay with just the router modem from talktalk.

Now with Virgin, may look to get a booster if the below gentleman's settings don't improve the signal.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

HI mistikempire, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


Sorry to hear about the signal issue you're having here. Is it possible you can let me know how things are going and if there has been any improvement with this - if you were able to change any settings etc. 




So update

I tried the settings recommended and the signal is still very poor.

I barely have any signal in the loft bedroom, nor is it very good on the ground floor.

It also cuts out quite regularly.

So far I have been really unhappy, yes on paper the speed is far greater at approximately 260mbps, compared to the 60 that I was getting from talktalk...but the reliability and signal strength of talktalk was really solid.

I don't understand, like the router is in the exact same position as my old talktalk one, how could it be so poor 

Issues with WiFi coverage from the VM routers, and very similar stories to yours, have been doing the rounds for years and years - nobody has ever gotten to the bottom of why this should be, as the WiFi specs are fairly standard - speculation that it’s poor design of the hubs and the antennae placement or maybe just a bad implementation of the firmware driving them, have been mooted - but nothing definitive.

Ultimately it is what it is, now VM do, sort of acknowledge this by offering their WiFi ‘pods’ and a sort of ‘guarantee’ of speed throughout the house. But this guarantee is a bit vague, ie do you get a consistent 20 Mb/s in every room, and there are requirement about what a ‘room’ is - not 100% sure a loft conversion would count! Even if you can show this, then VM will send you up to three of their ‘pods’ (and believe you me, the hoops you will need to jump through to get those), and if that doesn’t work, they will give you a one-off, £100 credit and wash their hands of the whole thing!

On the other hand, the VM hub does allow you to put it into bridge mode, which disables the WiFi entirely along with the routing functions and lets you use you own equipment - do you still have the Ubiquity kit? It’s certainly something  to consider.

Unfortunatly today has been worse. 

I called Virgin yesterday and they said they reset their settings internally and i did also with my hub.

Today i am averaging 65mbps on the speedtest, compared to the 120 i was receiving on the first day, despite paying for a 250mbps (i know you will never always receive the full speed, but the minimum garanteed was over 100)

So far we have really been unhappy, it is unreliably and consistently keeps cutting out and its only been a few days since installation.