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Neighbour Installation Causing Issues?

My neighbour had VM installed last week Wednesday. The engineer was on my side of the garden for some unknown reason.

Ever since next door's installation, my service has been intermittent at best and I cannot connect to wifi. Speed tests vary but even with a test showing good speed,  I cannot connect to the internet via a desktop pc, wired through ethernet cable direct to the router. I have tested various devices and they are all the same.

My phone will show wifi but with no Internet connection. I have not altered anything so it can't be my end. All phones and devices in our household have the same issues.

Before next door's installation, my service was rock solid and I couldn't fault it. I've been working from home for months without any issues but since last week I am now resorting to hot spotting from my phone just to get emails.

Is there anything that could have affected me because of a neighbouring installation? 

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Re: Neighbour Installation Causing Issues?

It's perfectly possible they did something that has now adversely affected your service.
What exactly were they doing on your property?
M350 over FTTP
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