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Lets see if this will take another 6 month legal battle. Wireless Hub Upgrade.

Tuning in

So Virgin tried to scam me 12 Months ago, So after 100s of hours... 1000s of messages and a Cisas claim against the Company. (That i won) Including Verbal abuse Claim against a India call center manager 

Thing's was put 90% correct. The Records Show from my Transcripts that the Hub 5 was out of stock, I agreed to accept the Hub 4 and my contract if the hardware was supplyed to me when it become available. They replyed "The Hub will be sent when we get stock and you will be entitled too it due to your package deal" In Transcript recording from the Virgin Agent on the Cisas Case (12 months Later) .

I left "Formal" Complaint with virgin asking for a update on this: C-1803231032

With the a shortened Response  "Hub 5.0 as well can be sent based on the stock availability; we have limited availability and if you'd like, we can place in a request for the same; however, we are unable to guarantee if a Hub 5.0 will be sent to your property. Furthermore, the Hub 4.0 provides the same service as the Hub 5.0"

I'm on the Max service that is currently around 1130mb to my home. Which is pointless with Hub 4 Router as its hardware limited by the 81000 full size frames each second Throughput (1Gb Port/Internal Switch)

So the Hub 4 and Hub 5 are not the "Same" This is without even consider the 802.11ax protocol change to 6 GHz frequency bands with Wifi 6E ect

So if i have been on the waiting list for 12 Months, That means my service as been Overly Restricted. Inc 1gb limits around 200Mb or (20%)  Since the start of my contract. Technically speaking...

1 Year is a suitable waiting time on my part, How do Virgin plan to deal with this issue ?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @antonyr123, thank you for your post. We're sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had 😔

In order to discuss this further, we will need to send you a private message. Look out for the purple envelope in the top right-hand corner 😀