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Just bought a new router - ROG STRIX GS-AX5400

On our wavelength

I have the Hub 4 in modem mode and my new one connected, its all working in as much as i have internet

I haven't really changed any settings except turned QOS completely off

Are there any other settings i should be going in and changing?

I did notice in both Bf1 and Bf4 last night that the Latency warning lights came up, don't think i got those when i was only using the Virgin hub although my hit reg definitely feels better 

Did a few speed tests on various websites ands am getting around 750/800 Mbps and before using only the Hub4 i would be getting 900/930Mbps

So i am assuming something is slowing me down, still faster than i really need but i would like to max this connection out 


Any suggestions on settings would be appreciated 


Alessandro Volta
Speed varies the higher you go the harder it is to get the speed I guess your testing by wire?

You could test modem mode with just a PC and see what that gives.

Yes Wired connection for the gaming PC, everything else doesn't really matter, it gives me more than enough to stream 4K in living room over WiFi so no issues, just curious about not getting the max speed on my main PC yet ping and Hit Reg has 100% improved even though there is an extra piece of hardware in the chain now

Hey danbottomburp, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to see you are having some connection issues.

I've taken a look at our side and I can see there is a short term connectively issue which will affect your speeds and over all connection. 

This is only short term and is expect to last around 24 hours.

We also cant guarantee 3rd party equipment will work with out kit and when it does it won't work 100%.

Please do keep me updated if there is no improvement after 24 hours. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

When did this start,? i fixed my own issue by double checking all QOS services were turned off, i was getting basically the same speed as i had through the Hub 4

And just so you know, Third party kit is 10x better than the fire hazard causing rubbish you send out, dont make me laugh about it not working, your kit doesn't work for heavens sake, of course people are going to buy their own far better equipment, why wouldn't they? its like having a car or 4 wheels and a plank of wood

I can appreciate the frustration caused, 

Can I ask are the speeds still affected when the Hub is in router mode?

Let us know,