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Intermittent connection

Tuning in

For the past week our broadband has been disconnecting at irregular times. I've followed the advise on the Virgin Media app and no matter how many times we turn off the router the connection issues continue. When we run the status check it either says it's unable to run it or that it found no problems. The broadband service status has said 'all looks good in your area' for the past week, however the one for TV says 'there's an issue in your area'.

Devices are connected through wifi and directly via ethernet, so not a wifi issue.

Is it likely to be a fault with the router? Any help would be appreciated.


We've just had another long loss of connection to Broadband and TV, so the issue is still not fixed. The person we spoke to said this was again a new issue, which it can't possibly be. Why does this keep happening to us?

Is there anyway we can get an engineer to come and take a look as it's been happening since the 27th September.

To be clear, the automated status check says there are no issues, but we keep loosing connection. The hub is shows an orange light when it is working, so whatever they have done to try to fix the issue may have broken the hub. Why does nobody want to help us with this problem? 😞

Running a service check on the app says "Sorry, we can't run a test on your services right now"

Is there an online service where i can track the internet connection to the Hub?

Can one of the community volunteers on here help me set that up please?

We've had this problem since September 27th.

Could we get an engineer to come and find the problem please? The automated service is saying there is no problem therefore i believe that qualifies us for an engineer according to the terms of service.

Ok we've now managed to schedule an engineer.

Could someone from the community show me how i can track the the internet connection to the router?

Oh, Virgin have just cancelled the engineer with no warning. Why are they refusing to help me?

Could someone from the Virgin Media forum team please schedule an engineer?

Is there something I can post here to get this problem noticed? I've read through the forum rules and I don't really know what I'm supposed to do to get someone from Virgin to help? We've had terrible service since 27th September. Currently haven't had any internet for about 4 hours.

We received a text this morning saying everything is fixed, but we don't have internet. Why are Virgin refusing to send someone to help us? What am I supposed to do?