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Intermittent broadband issues


Hi all,

Unfortunately we have seen a repeat of an earlier issue which is causing intermittent broadband connectivity problems for some Virgin Media customers. We apologise again to those impacted our teams are continuing to work flat out to find the root cause of the problem and fix it.


Community Moderator Team 

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Trouble shooter

Can we at least merge all the threads on this topic as peeps keep making new ones as it is hard to follow them all?


Yup i agree need one single thread , there is that many i cannot keep up with them all .

Dialled in

Yep I'm one of the ones affected.

Internet works for a few minutes (at most) and then bombs again for a while and eventually comes back and repeats.

Just for info my area is SM5 if it helps (probably not, but at least it shows there is still a problem in this area).

Up to speed

Following as I'm affected - Area 14

It’s always best to be positive but we all have crappy days.

VM Hub5 on Gig1, Etc etc

My Broadband Ping - Virgin Media Gig1

Dead here in RG2 again. (Reading).

Im just setting up an spare old Proroute 4G router to put on my home network. Speed might not be great, but i cannot have this again tomorrow.

Hub3 on Modem mode. PFsense router, and Ubiquiti UniFi AP's with controller. Pi-Hole DNS.

Co1 effected area too

Dialled in

My broadband was working this morning 

When the 2nd wave of problems happened my broadband stopped working 

Knows their stuff

Area 14 here, absolute joke

b8b8219a123d1ceb68c788e7805942766855809a (2).png

Back up but not sure for how long