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Intermittent broadband connectivity and speed

Joining in

My Virgin media broadband 125 connection is very poor. I have been doing repeated speed tests over a roughly 15 minute period this evening on my iPhone11 over wifi whilst sat in the exact same spot 7m from my router with nearly clear line of site to the unit. During that period I have received the below speed test results. There were also 3 or 4 speed test attempts that failed in the same period because of no connectivity either when I begun the test or during the test. Also, in a lot of the tests the download speed dropped off quickly from anywhere between50-100mbps at the beginning of the test down to anywhere between 5 and 0.1mbps at the end of the test.alboudry_0-1678141413632.png

This issue has been ongoing for almost two years now but I have lived with it begrudgingly whilst occasionally using Virgins apps to try and fix the problem. The app always tells me to reboot my router, which for me is not a good solution to a problem which in my opinion shouldn’t require me to reboot my router every day to fix.

My wife is now working from home so it is now a problem I need dealing with urgently and permanently (she had several MS Teams calls today which failed). If I can’t fix the problem quickly I will have to cancel my Virgin account and sign up with a different provider. 

I have called virgin tech support today and they have promised to run a test on my connection remotely over the next day or so and call me back with their results and potential fixes.

I was wondering if anyone else had similar issues and could possibly give me some ideas on the possible causes and fixes, or am I best to cut my losses and choose a different provider?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @alboudry, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing on the router.

I've been able to look at the router and it appears to be in perfect health.

Can you please confirm if you experience slow speed or drop outs when using an Ethernet cable to connect to the services?

Kindest regards,


Hi David

This evening I’ve done wifi (iPhone 11) vs Ethernet (laptop) speed tests several times, one after the other alternately. Results below


I was standing directly in front of my router when doing this test, 2m distance max. My router is positioned on a side table in my hallway. There are no DECT phones or other electronic devices nearby using any radio/wireless devices.


varying DL speeds as usual, relatively stable UL speeds. 3 times during this process I couldn’t test as internet signal completely dropped out.



Ethernet DL speed was consistently high. No failures. UL speed was same as via wifi.

My initial conclusion is that there is an issue with wifi on my Virgin router.

The fact that UL speed remained constant across both methods + the fact I was standing v close to my router when testing on wifi leads me to believe that the WIFI issue isn’t with the way I’ve positioned my router etc, but more likely a failure with the wifi on the router itself.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and hopefully finding a swift resolution

I did speak to your tech support team on the same evening as I posted my original message on this thread, and was promised that someone would be monitoring my router remotely and would call me to discuss, but I have heard nothing back yet.

Therefore right now I’m pinning my hopes on you and anyone else from Virgin who may be monitoring this thread!

Please help ASAP as my wife is having to work from her mothers house right now as we’re reliant on wifi in our home office as it is 10m from our router and we do not wish to run cables through the kitchen in order for her to be able to work.


Thanks for coming back to us @alboudry.

Can you please confirm if or when you have previously been able to perform a reset on the hub to see if this improves the Wi-Fi facility?

Kindest regards,