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Intermittent and slow broadband


Long story short, for about the last 2 weeks I've been randomly having very intermittent and/or slow broadband. 

Sometimes it's fine but when the connection starts having issues, I can't upload files, can't load webpages (or they load extremely slowly) can't manage to do a video call etc. All internet activity comes to a halt pretty much. 

Most of the time when I notice these issues start happening I'll check the service status in my area and there usually is a reported issue that is being worked on. I register my loss of service and then wait for it to be fixed and then it goes back to being fine again. Sometimes there are no reported issues despite still having the same problem and also suggests I'm still getting my full speed of 650Mbps down, 30 - 50 Up even though I'm not. 

This is happening very regularly now and it's seriously affecting my work and it's starting to **bleep** off my regular clients. (I'm self-employed and work full-time from home so super fast and stable broadband is extremely imperative to me.)  

Is it possible for a Virgin Media Rep to get in contact with me to discuss this and come to a resolution? 

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Re: Intermittent and slow broadband

Hi Toby,


Welcome to our Community Help Forum 🙂


Thank you for making this post regarding the intermittent issues you have been experiencing with your connection. This is not ideal at all and I would like to apologise for the disruption it has caused to your work.


I would like to take a look at your account and investigate this further. I shall send you a private message now to obtain the details required, please look out for the purple envelope in the top right corner and get back to me when you can.


Best wishes,


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