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Hub4 - 1gig speed decreased

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I have the same green light, in modem mode.

However, my 1gig service decreased massively to around 35Mbps post this update and have remained that way ever since 😥

Power levels look ok.

The virgin media broadband check says no issues in my area, but when it runs a connection test, it claims there is a complex local area fault (which coincidentally coincides with the firmware update!)

If the hub 4 is rebooted, it may take a couple of attempts to reconnect.



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On our wavelength
‘Fixed’ - I had all four ports bonded to my router.

I reset the hub to router mode, Wi-Fi speeds were back to normal, Ethernet not.

I removed the bond from the hub, with just a single nic connected - hey presto, gigabit speeds returned.

Reverted the hub to modem mode, all ok, except using a network bond kills the performance.

So for now, just using a single nic. Roll on hub 5 with its 2.5gbe nic

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I'm also on the 1Gig package and my download speeds have dropped significantly recently, to a 3rd (35MB/s) of what they should be.

I only have the 1 connection from the SuperHub4 to my (pfSense) router.

Port bonding, what's that? Network bond... do you mean network switch?

Thanks for the update @jjpearce05, and I'm pleased to hear this issue has been resolved.

Do please feel free to comeback to us, if this issue re-emerges.

Kindest regards,


Thanks. The issue hasnt been resolved, we have applied a workaround.

Prior to the firmware update we could achieve more than 1Gbps by bonding two our more poets from the VM hub to our routers.

Now we are restricted to a single port on the hub and cannot achieve more than 1Gbps.

IE the new firmware has broke port bonding on the hub, so we are receiving a "lesser" service.

If this can be brought to the attention of the developers who write the hub 4 firmware, that would be appreciated.

Hi jjpearce05,

Thanks for coming back to us. We're not aware of any issues regarding the most recent firmware update for the Hub 4, however after having a look on this end we can see that you were recently affected by an area outage which would have caused issues with your speeds. This was reported as resolved as of today.

Can you please try unplugging your ethernet cables from the Hub 4 ports and plugging them back in, and let us know how things are now?



On our wavelength

Thanks. I have just retried. As soon as I reconnect the bond between the hub 4 and my router, the speed drops to about 30Mbps.

Other users in this thread have confirmed the same. Our errors started after the hubs received a firmware update on 26th June.


My hub 4 is also bonded via 4 network ports to my Mikrotik router and everything is still working fine (I just ran a speed test and got my highest ever download speed of 1159Mbps).

I can't see anywhere in the status UI that lists which firmware version is running and the network log is completely empty but the 'light ring' around the hub is white while running in modem mode so I may still be on the older one.


Hello mate. 

Can I ask which router you were using to bond the ports?

It's something I wanted to look into but I don't think my current Netgear RAX200 can do it alone.