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Hub showing as Connect Box and UPC


I had been at work a couple of hours last night (Sat) and my Mrs sent me a text saying internet kept going off, not much I can do when at work.

I get home this morning at 06:30 and it was indeed not working, no ethernet connection or wireless showing at at all.

I restart the Hub 3 and go and get a drink, reupholster the couch and decorate the living room, when I'm done the Hub 3 has just about finished restarting (I swear my old Raspberry Pi 1 is faster than this thing).

I login to the hub, it all looks as normal, I try to look at the logs and it freezes. I know it's never fast but this took way longer than normal to load, so I refresh the page and I'm greeted to this:



And Info now shows this:


It appears that my Hub 3 has decided to identify as a UPC Connect Box.

How long before this poor Hub 3 decides to identify as a brick?


Fibre optic

The VM hub 3 is actually a generic UPC connect box as used in different parts of Liberty Global’s empire, but here VM add their own ‘special sauce’ to the interface to customise it, among some other stuff to let the hub identify itself to VM’s network (notice that it says Access Denied and Blocked). In your case it does seem as if your hub has decided to let you peek behind the curtain, so to speak!

When you restarted it, was that just a power off and on again or a full factory, ‘stick a paper-clip in the hole’, type of reset? I suspect it’ll need a full reset for it to get its act together again,


I figured as much about the hub being a generic one injected with VM's branding, when I first noticed it I thought there had been a change in branding for VM.

It was a pull of the power cable to restart it.

I've never actually reset it to defaults as I'm bone idle and can't be bothered to set all the wireless and port forwarding back up.

I don't 100% trust the save config, although I haved backed it up a few times, 2018, 2020 and just now.

Hi there @LokiDog 


Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the forums, we're always glad to have you here. 


I'm so sorry you have been experiencing some disconnects with your Hub. How have things been looking since your last post? 


I can't see any outages in your area that could be causing this. Is the Hub currently in modem mode?