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Hub "upgrade" ruined wifi connectivity to smart devices

Hi. I got an email last week from Virginmedia telling me how I've had my home WiFi upgraded, how it's now much smarter now and how my wifi reliability will be much improved.

Since then, my wifi - which was working utterly reliably with absolutely no problems - has absolutely fallen over. 

To be clear; computers, phones, tablets etc all still connect fine - the problem is with my smart home hubs and devices.

My Sonos speakers have disappeared and can't be located.

My Nanoleaf light panels are "unreachable".

My Solar panel generation monitor says I'm generating 0 watts, even in bright sunlight.

My Netatmo hubs keep disconnecting and reconnecting daily.

Basically devices which had the connection entered during set-up are now either completely disconnected or keep dropping connection. (I've tried doing a new set-up of my Sonos equipment - but it still won't find my speakers on the network).

BUT I've logged on to my hub3 (both via browser and with the Connect app) and bizarrely it says that everything is still connected fine. I'm at a loss, frankly.

Any advice anyone? Clearly this is massively frustrating - especially as I never asked for an upgrade in the first place...

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Hub "upgrade" ruined wifi connectivity to smart devices

Disable the Smart Optimisation on the Wifi page. 

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