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Hub power levels

Tuning in

After my own investigation with issues with my work VoIP phone is it possible for someone from virgin to look at the power levels into my hub.

This VoIP phone has worked perfectly with 3 other broadband service providers but the phone resets on average 3 times in a 4 hour period with virgin broadband since installed in December.  I have tried all the usual fixes included replacing all VoIP hardware over the last 3 months.

Is it possible to get virgin to look at the power level input into the hub, I'm under the impression that this can sometimes be an issue?


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Is there someone I can verbally speak to about this? It has happened 4 times in a 45 min period this morning.  I feel this format of support is getting nowhere over 2 weeks

Hi @Donnieb3007 👋.

We are sorry to hear that you are still having issues with your VoIP device😓, have you followed our diagnostic tool 👉 If you are still facing issues after completing this, please do come back to us and we can look into the issue further.

Keep us updated.


thanka for the link but the link is not helpful in this matter 

Hi Donnieb3007,

Thank you for reaching back out, I was able to check this side and can see no issues at all, other than the Voip service is everything else OK including our Phoneline Via the Router?

If this is a 3rd party Voip service this isn't something we would support.



A little update on this, I had to get an engineer out to install my new hub 5 as it would not activate.  Since installation the VoIP phone has been working perfectly so the issue was the hub 4

Funny how the one coding the hubs have a problem but coded not to have a problem on another.