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Hub 5 Router

Dialled in

I have just upgraded my broadband from 500 Meg (£25) to 1 Gig (£31) seems like a good price. I currently have a hub 4, am I entitled to a Hub 5. Is there any point ? Is it a better router ? Cheers all 


Alessandro Volta
VM will give you a new hub when your one goes wrong or needed for your speed VM have many on older hubs that need upgrading and only so many hubs are available.

If you need a better router you can get your own and put hub in modem mode.

Fibre optic

You won’t get a hub 5 because you already have a hub 4 which is capable of 1 gig the difference is that hub 4 has 11 antennas and the hub 5 has 5 antennas, wifi 6 and Ethernet port with 2 gig capabilities. A lot people have there own opinion some people love the hub 5 and some don’t 

On our wavelength

Hi, we were upgraded 🤣 to a Hub 5 in December. Nothing but problems had a tec visit in January this sorted out the constant internet dropping out problems but this returned last month another technician visited last week and still getting constant internet dropping out problems. Never had any issues with the old hub. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey MarcosG260492,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.

As the community members have advised that the hub 4 is capable of gig 1 speeds, so you wouldn't automatically be changed to a hub 5.

Are you currently having issues with your hub 4?

Kind Regards,


Alessandro Volta

I have to wonder what VM policy will be when they say 2Gb? Because the hub 4 even with 1Gb ports can have like three PC's downloading at once to max out 2Gb... but only in router mode...😖


2Gb is arriving this year allegedly