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Hub 3 Ethernet Ports Stop working


I have a Hub3 and its been working for several years now with no issue. All of a sudden today, I lost full internet, TV and Phone. All three came back quite quickly, but the switch ports on the Hub3 didn't. Wifi was fine as was connectivity to the internet. 

Did a full reboot, didn't resolve the issue. Spent 15 mins with different laptops, Cat6 cables etc, and still no response. Did a 60 sec pin hole reset. The switch ports came up, but then went back down. Did the normal reboot and now seems to be stable. 

Strikes me that this is a hardware error with ethernet port phy. Do I need a new Hub?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Hub 3 Ethernet Ports Stop working

You need to either call in (08:00 is the best time) or wait on here for a few days (6 to 7 days average) until one of the VM Forum Staff comes along.

If you wait on here Do Not bump the thread it will put it further down the VM 'to do list'.

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