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How to get 1160Mbps with HUB5 in modem mode + 2.5gb router

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I have 1gig internet with Virgin Media. Finally, after 18 months of waiting, I will get their new hub 5 router, which has a 2.5gb port, and thus I will finally be able to reach a speed of 1160Mbps. I was currently only getting around 940mbps on their Hub 4 which only had a 1gbps port. I need a fast PC connection because for downloads.

I already bought a 2.5gb pcie card because my integrated card is only 1gb so this issue is already solved. Currently, I have hub 4 set in modem mode and I use the Asus RT-AC86U AC2900 router and everything works as it should, to which I have a 2tb USB portable drive connected and I can watch from it all over the network. Hub 5 has no usb.

My question is, what else do I need to buy in order to reach the maximum connection speed on the PC and still have my usb drive connected to the router? If I buy a new router with a 2.5gb port and connect a hub 5 with modem mode to it, will I get over 1gb on the other ports? Do I need a 2.5gb switch under which I will connect everything while keeping the old asus router to have wifi and usb connection and after the topic? I just don't understand what happens after I connect the hub 5 with the router via 2.5gb ports, is it only for the wifi network or for the lan too, or does the lan network need to be supported separately with a switch? If I were to buy a router, which of the following would be the best option?


Archer AX5400 Pro

Router RT-AX86 Series

TP-Link Archer AX55 Pro Router

TP-Link Archer AX72 Pro Router

ASUS TUF Gaming AX4200

Switches like QNAP QSW-1105-5T  are not expensive but I'd rather have only 2 network devices instead of 3, one would be ideal, but I need a usb port ..

Thanks a lot for your help because I don't get it 😉


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Very Insightful Person

Is the link light on the card showing 2.5Gb or is the 1000M light on?  It could be an handshake issue between the Hub 5 and the TP-Link NIC and perhaps a different NIC might be better?


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Yes card was showing 2.5gb connection. 

Ive found where the issue was. I plugged the card into different pcie slot on motherboard and boom I'm finally getting full 1150Mbit on Speedtest.

Also connected my Asus RT86U wirelessly in Repeater mode with Hub5 which extended my wifi signal nicely and have access to my usb drive in the whole network like before.

So no need need for new router at all for now. I will just wait for nice price drops in the future then will upgrade and put Hub5 modem mode and use new router to handle everything, but to be honest there is no need anymore as I have what I wanted, 2.5gb connection with my desktop, usb network share and wifi extender as a bonus lol 😛

Thanks everyone for all the hints, they did helped me. I only spend money on new pcie card 24 pounds, which is nice!

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As others have said you need everything in the chain to support 2.5Gb... Asus routers were mentioned below... the new mesh ones ZenWiFi Pro XT12 and ET12 do support both a 2.5Gb WAN port and 1x 2.5Gb LAN port. So you could connect a divide to the 2.5Gb LAN port directly or run a 2.5Gb switch off that.... I was thinking of upgrading my 1Gb XT8 mesh myself but the cost is just soo high still for 2.5Gb / 10Gb network gear versus 1GB gear that right now with a theoretical 1160Mb connection it's really not worth it. The good news is that my router has a connection speed test and it does report max bandwidth from the cable modem. (the XT8 has a 2.5Gb WAN port but only 1Gb LAN ports, but it does support WiFi 6).