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Hi folks having the playstation connection issues on ps4 and ps5 causing to crash and loose earned items

Joining in

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @jon65 and welcome back!

Can you please confirm the answer to the question on the alternative thread set by @Client62 and report back to this thread?

In regards to the overall connection, do you experience any connection issues on other devices connected via both Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable?

Kindest regards,


Yeah sometimes have rebooted all devices cleared cache still happens had a 200 ms ping the other day ahhh

Hi Jon 👋

Thanks for coming back to us on the forums about your connection issue over your PlayStation 4 & 5. 

We’ve not identified any other issues between us and your Hub, so once this issue is resolved, you shouldn’t have any other connection problems. Please check your connection over the next 24 hours and only contact us again if you’re still seeing problems after this. Your monitoring will then help us identify why you’re still seeing an issue.

Please also check that all the cables between your wall point and the Hub are secure, as loose cabling can contribute to problems.

You can also check your Online Account to see if the diagnostic test can detect any issues which you can then report to us.