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Here we are again.

Joining in

I can honestly say, without hesitation, that since my hub was changed (which I was told to leave for a short period of time, for it to settle down), my WiFi has gone down every day.  I am constantly turning it off and on, which makes very little difference. 

If you are listening Virgin, I pay a lot of money each month for, what I would suggest, is a very poor service. I can't afford to upgrade,  but judging by some of the comments on the forum it wouldn't make any difference. 

I am now also getting pixilated pictures on some of the channels, which is causing a lot of frustration. 

Virgin, if you have a problem, it is time to be transparent.  I have spoken to a small selection of people from different areas of the UK and they confirmed to me that they were having identical issues. 

Something is wrong,  what solution are you working on?


Trouble shooter

Perhaps share the Hub's upstream / downstream stats - there may be a glaring issue to draw the attention of the VM Team.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

How to get stats from a VM hub (no need to logon to the hub)

Open a web browser and go to router mode or modem mode

  • Click on the “> Check router status” button
  • Click on the “Downstream” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply, do not take a screen shot
  • Click on the “Upstream” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply
  • Click on the “Networking” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply.
    • Do NOT post photos or screen shots they will be rejected as they contain MAC addresses. The board software will automatically change MAC addresses to **:** if done as above.

There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don't and F people out of 10 who do not understand hexadecimal c1a2a285948293859940d9a49385a2