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HUB 4 Bricked - Solid white light

Tuning in

Hi there,


just in the past hour my HUB 4 decided to develop the white light of death.

solid white light on the hub 4 and the router is completely unresponsive after a power cycle and attempting to perform a reset via the reset button.

no activity at all on the LAN ports. Not any SSID’s being broadcasted. Guessing the device is completely bricked as it’s not even getting warm to suggest anything is going on.

I’ve attempted to book an engineer visit, but earliest I can get is Tuesday after noon. That’s nearly 5 days without internet which isn’t great. 

all I simply need is a replacement router to be shipped out and I can simply swap it out and be back up and running again. Doesn’t require an actual engineer to visit. It’s just the router is completely unresponsive (bricked). 

could someone assist or possibly just get me a router shipped out? Like I said, everything was fine until the router decided lock up completely. 



Tuning in

With the Hub switched "on", disconnect any ethernet connections (leave the co-ax connected) and then push in the “reset pin” with the end of a paperclip/thin nail/SIM tray “tool” or similar (bigger items like ball point pen ends may not press it in far enough) until you feel it at the “stop point” and hold it there firmly for a "timed" minimum of 60 seconds do NOT manually restart the Hub at any time.

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Fibre optic

Solid white light on a hub 4 means it’s online there is 2 options pinhole reset and wait 15 min but by doing this ur hub will got to factory reset.  Or contact customer service to go into the hub settings to make sure the 2.4 and 5ghz broadcast is enabled.  

Tuning in

After 2 different agents and being hung up on and an hour explaining the router is completely bricked. They confirmed it's completely bricked and it's a common issue on the HUB 4.


They're only able to send an engineer out for tuesday between 4-7pm. Not sure why an engineer is need as it's just the router that's completely dead.

Is there anyway to get this actioned sooner or a replacement shipped out directly? I'm going to be without internet connectivity for nearly 5 days.


Hey @monks600, thanks for reaching out to us on the Virgin Media forums.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the solid white light on the hub.
I myself had this issue with the Hub 4, we were decorating so I had to take out all the cables, once plugged back in, nothing worked on the Wi-Fi or on the hardwired connection.
The hub light was white but the diagnostics could see something wrong with the equipment, nothing to do with the network.

Unfortunately we cannot send out replacement routers as it requires the approval of an engineer to do so, which is the same process I had to go through.
Once the engineer arrives, they will be able to replace the equipment and get it working again.

Let us know how it goes with the technicians appointment.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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"it requires the approval of an engineer to do so"

If there is a known issue and the customer is experiencing it, just do the right thing. There is really no need to make people wait with no internet, having to compensate them, paying for an engineer callout, when we all know what is wrong.

@Telumehtar wrote:

"it requires the approval of an engineer to do so"

Wherever this came from, it is wrong.

I did not require an engineer to install my Hub 4.0, initially.  There is no reason for a technician unless you have additional Pods. However, these only have to be registered to your Hub 4.0, nothing more. If you are happy, you do not need a technician. And, to have your Pods connected to your replacement modem, it only takes a phone call to change the serial numbers and get them registered. Not really worth an engineer visit, when VM can send out a new modem overnight. 

To clear this little issue up, I even asked an engineer that called for a visit last Saturday. I have 2 pods as well, my Hub 4.0 was bricked, solid white LED no flashing at all. He said the same that if a customer is capable of installing the modem, and sending the old one back, an engineer is not required.

But I was given no choice either, technicians are not that really clever, that can't tell much over tests that they can do. But a bricked modem cannot be detected. Only the customer can tell the so-called tech-support that their modem is 'non-responsive' = 'bricked'.

If you work for VM you need to get your facts right and stop letting customers waiting longer than they need to. It would be cheaper for Virgin Media, and your customers would not get mixed messages.