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Gig1 business & 100mbps upstream

Joining in

I've just noticed that VM are now advertising new upstream speeds on their business packages. My Gig1 is still running at 50Mbps upload and VM are now advertising 100Mbps. What do I check on my CHITA modem to see if I should be getting, or can get, 100Mbps upstream?



Trouble shooter

You going to have to translate this for your Hitron's menus.

For a residential Hub a restart of the Hub is required to pick up VM updates to the Configuration / speed profile.

In a residential Hub 3 one would visit the Hub and look at :

"Check router status" >>> Configuration >> Primary Upstream Service Flow >> Max Traffic Rate

the Max Traffic Rate on Hub 3 is in bits / second. So we are looking at a figure in millions.

50Mb/s would be about the 50 to 55,000,000 mark

100Mb/s would be about the 100 to 110,000,000 mark.